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New marketing scheme

Michael Ahlen Feb 22, 2018 02:25AM EST

Why did you guys change the way in which you market & package the Conquer Series products?

This gives the impression that you're more concerned with making a greater profit than you are with seeing men achieve freedom from the bondage they're ensnared in!

The men I have talked with have become frustrated, which makes me as a leader and evangelist of your material very frustrated! I appreciate that there is some additions to the new videos, but breaking it into a two-part series was unnecessary. Personally, I like that it's broken into ten parts now, but why are you selling each of the supports as separate pieces? You are selling both volumes of the DVD sets together as a package deal and I don't think you would condone anyone viewing just one of the volumes as a separate unit, but you've more than doubled the cost to attendees for the supporting documents. It used to be that someone wanting to join our classes could buy just the one Study Guide for $15 and use their own generic journal, which would carry them through all five of the one-hour DVD's. Now they have to buy a $15 Study Guide for each volume and you've incorporated the Journal so tightly into the curriculum, that an attendee is missing out on key guidance without it, which means they're now having to pay $50 per person to benefit from the entire Conquer Series.

I'd love to know how to explain this more clearly to the men I talk to about this class and give me more insight on how this is somehow an improvement over the original series.

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Kayla S Feb 22, 2018 05:27PM EST KingdomWorks Studios Agent

Thank you for contacting us! Since the launch of the original Conquer Series in 2013, we have received a lot of feedback from group leaders who commented that while the content was great, the length of each disc was too long. They oftentimes mentioned that group participants were feeling overwhelmed, and they compared it to the analogy of trying to drink water from a firehose. Throughout these past several years, we have also received feedback that the length of the DVDs made it hard to have effective group discussion time. We took all of that feedback into consideration carefully, as we worked towards creating a new series.

We have added several additional hours of teaching from Dr. Ted Roberts, new experts not featured in the original Conquer Series, new practical strategies and daily tools to help men conquer, and have included the testimony of a husband and a wife who ultimately lost everything at the moment of discovery. With the new materials, the Conquer Series is now more than 7 hours in length when running both volumes together.

We have launched it into a 2-volume set, because there are some small groups who still can only accommodate a five week course due to their schedules. Through this new format, groups now can choose to run two 5-week courses or one 10-week course. With the original format, participants would have purchased a Study Guide for $15.00 each, which would have been for a five week study. We do realize that the Study Guide cost has doubled, but so has the length of time for the entire course.

The Journals are a recommended component to the Conquer Series. They include 70 days worth of Scriptures for men to apply the SWORD drill to daily. They also include a daily check-in session for an individual to evaluate where they are in terms of a relapse. This proves to be an effective tool, as it will help men notice the patterns that oftentimes lead to relapse which will help them to avoid relapse in the future. These journals also include questions to prepare each individual prior to the weekly group discussion, as well as a question that will get them really thinking about their healing as they leave each weekly session. Included in this Journal is a space to store all of the group contact information, which is helpful when making contact with the guys in the group as part of the 7-day Mission.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know. Have a blessed evening!

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